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Welcome to the Hotel


As Andre Domine puts its “There is an exhaustible aspect of everyday life that never dulls namely the simple pleasure of eating and drinking”. We at Multimedia University Hotel, believe that cream of hospitality is our design.
The food details are mouth-watering. It’s the type of food that you can remember for a lifetime, the type of food that builds memories and creates lasting impressions. We believe in feeding our guests until they declare defeat and these is usually followed by dessert of tea or coffee. The full meal including a soup course is at a set price.

About Us

about us

We believe to be the leading hotel and conference Center, delivering excellent products and services in the hospitality industry to all our customers. Our mission is to effectively and efficiently offer hospitality products and services that meet the international standards, exceeding customer expectations and optimizing value through continuous improvement and training.

Where are we?


The Multimedia Hotel and Conference Center is located in the outer suburb of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The center has developed ideal cost effective packages for various organizations that are looking for a quiet, convenient and accessible location providing a variety of facilities away from the hustle and bustle of the city.